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Search Engine Marketing.

The Internet offers a world of opportunities to build your brand and reach your target consumers and WebNet360 offers a broad range of services to help your business take advantage of Search Engine Marketing. We use proprietary algorithms to manage and improve the return on investment when paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion designing is used by our clients when marketing a website.

WebNet360 will create and implement strategic search engine marketing campaigns based on market information, consumer behavior, media trends, demographics and other variables. Our expertise in Web technology will maximize your marketing efforts through the right blend of Web content, web banners, social media, email, search engines and more. With WebNet360’s solid design, technical, and marketing expertise you will be able to market your products or services with greater success on the World Wide Web.

WebNet360 provides several stats programs allowing you to measure your website’s stats. Using these online tracking tools can help you strengthen your online marketing efforts.


Analog Server Stats

Our servers provide analog stats reporting derived directly from the server logs — these stats reports will be emailed to you monthly and available to you securely at any time.

Google Analytics

A free robust stats solution that can also be installed for your review at any time. Google’s robust analytics reports analyze your website’s traffic patterns and show the success of your online and PPC advertising. Its customized reports can be viewed online at any time and set up to email you on a regular basis.

We use these measurement tools in our internet and search engine marketing efforts to determine how visitors interact with your site and the success of your online advertising and PPC campaigns.

We will be happy to show you how to interpret these numbers as well. They will give you insight into the impact of new features or content, the popularity of keywords being used in the search engines, which sites are sending you the most traffic, and which pages are the most visited.