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WebNet360 developers and SEO specialists develop and design sites with optimization in mind that deliver results. We continue to stay on top of the most recent research in the industry. SEO is not the ability to "trick" search engines into ranking your business highly through strategic placement of keywords. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. The goal is to provide visitors with the most relevant sites available. Our goal is to make sure the search engines see your site and know it is relevant.

This requires both on-page and off-page optimization — factors used to determine your website’s popularity and relevance.

SEO Development

Many web designers and developers do not optimize a website as it is being created. The layout, coding, and wording of your website contributes to an important part in the on-page optimization of your site.

WebNet360 takes all of this into consideration in the process of your website’s development, ensuring it is search-engine friendly from the beginning. For example, loading time is a factor that must be considered. It is affected by page layout and coding as well as the compression of images used during the design process.

Having a #1 site will not help you if your site is hard to navigate or visitors are not encouraged to convert. By keeping the results you are trying to achieve in mind during development, your likelihood of success in the natural search engine rankings will increase.

7-Keys to achieve maximum SEO

  1. Your website must be kept up to date with relevant content of interest to your target market.
  2. Search engine visibility is important to your website and should not be ignored or it will lose its relevance to visitors who want to see fresh content.
  3. Ignore emails from anyone who offers to submit your website to hundreds of websites. This is an outdated method that could get your site banned in the search results.
  4. SEO is meant to attract visitors to your website. Once there, you must be sure to reply to them and turn them into your clients. This is helped by an attractive, user-friendly website, but it ultimately depends upon you.
  5. Legitimate, proper SEO of your website cannot be taken away for nonpayment of recurring fees. If a company can take away your rankings … they are not providing real SEO.
  6. Avoid developing a site completely in flash unless it is also developed in another format allowing search engines to index and view each page.
  7. WebNet360 only provides ethical, white-hat SEO, carefully following all search engine webmaster guidelines, and focusing upon the website and its value to your target market.