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April 19, 2012

Disaster Recovery- Plan for the worst with the best in the business. Ensure business continuity with a disaster recovery plan.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that business needs to be prepared for the unexpected. Natural disasters and other surprising events can devastate any company that relies on important data files. So it’s important that you have a proven partner in WebNet360.

Is your organization ready for the unexpected? If faced with an emergency could you continue to operate? Would your business function? Do you have a plan that includes a time-tested partner who will be there to help you weather even the most difficult storm?

These are business-critical questions and that there is no better place to turn for answers than WebNet360.

Let’s create a plan together.

From hurricanes in Alabama to wildfires in California, to a simple power outage downtown, the ultra reliable WebNet360 continues to prove its strength when disaster strikes. Together with our battle-tested Crisis Management team and proven products and services, we’re helping to keep businesses like yours up and running during unexpected and unwelcome events.

A disaster of any size – a lightning strike, burst pipe, tornado or hurricane – can significantly impact your business operations.

Make sure you’re protected and critical business functions remain available when an emergency strikes. Work with WebNet360 to create a recovery plan backed up by:

  • Our reliable redundant data centers, best-of-breed
  • Technology including back-up servers to keep you working.
  • Template galleries with styles for everyone!
  • Our extensive experience and expertise in disaster recovery planning.

Let WebNet360 help you put together an emergency preparedness plan to ensure that your business functions in times of trouble.

The time is now. Contact WebNet360 today.

April 7, 2012

Why Reputation Management Is Important- With the internet being prevalent in many people’s decisions about where to shop or where to get their services, it isn’t hard to see why reputation management is important. Hiring a reputation management company will allow you to have a positive vibe on the internet, increase the number of customers and sales you receive, and give people who are on the fence about your company a chance to see what you are about.

Maintaining a positive reputation on the internet is why reputation management is important to businesses that may be being written about online. With WebNet360 taking care of your online credibility, you won’t have to worry about constantly scanning several different review sites to make sure nobody is posting fake or negative reviews about your business. Reputation management WebNet360 can develop a strategy which allows your customers to post their good experiences online, while at the same time making sure that negative reviews, or reviews from competitors are seen by a few people as possible. This is especially important for sites that do a lot of their business online that may not have a lot, or any, physical foot traffic who you can talk to about their grievances with your store. Read More...

March 18, 2012

Do-it-Yourself Website Builders- We see these advertised on TV and most website hosting companies offer them (including WebNet360), but what can you really expect when you purchase a website builder tool for your business or personal use.

To begin, website builder tools are perfect if you want to create a website for personal use or if you just want to have fun and don't expect to any Web traffic or visitors.

However, if you would like a website for your business or would like to promote a product or a service then website builders are definitely not the way to go. Allow us to explain.

Free website building tools make a ton of promises including:

  • Create a small business website with just a few clicks from a mouse!
  • No technical experience required!
  • Customize your template anyway you want!
  • Template galleries with styles for everyone!
  • What you will really wind up with is a cookie cutter website and little to no search engine visibility at all.

There are billions of websites on the World Wide Web and the majority of them see little to no traffic each day. If your website cannot be found on the Web then you might as well not have a website.

It is a simple rule, if it looks to good to be true then it probably is. You invested time and money to start your business so don’t fall prey to quick or easy claims that a website builder tool will help establish a website presence for your business, it wont! Website builders and fly by night hosting companies have no concern for how well your site will perform on a daily basis.

If your goal is to build a solid online business, marketing professionals agree that you should work with a qualified website development company so your website is built correctly from the start. The cost of a professional website is probably one of the smallest investments you are likely to make throughout the life of your business. However, it will probably be your most valuable. Make sure that the company you choose not only designs your website professionally but also does so with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

Important Note!

Not too long after your website is deployed you should be able to perform a Google search, type the name of your business in the query box, and find your website in the list returned. However, what happens when you try to locate your website using keywords? For example, if you have a website named “Big Yellow Books and Toys” and your business offers distribution services for the toy industry then a properly designed site should include the required code so that search engines can find your website when a user uses keywords like “Toy Distributers”. The majority of people searching the internet will not know your business name, however, you will want the majority of people searching to be able to find your site so your business grows and you enjoy ongoing success!