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Website Development

A successful launch of any website requires careful planning and experience. At the start of each project, WebNet360 works with you to determine the goals you have for your website. Understanding your business goals gives our team the ability to effectively determine how best to achieve measurable results and maintain project scope.


Development Process

We believe communication is imperative, from beginning to end of the development process. The design and development of your website is tracked from within a project board devoted to your site(s). We encourage you to check on our progress and leave messages for our team at any time. After approving the look and feel of your new website, we will suggest an outline for a site architecture and provide a framework for all elements and features desired. We will make recommendations as to what we have found works well. As we create each page of your website, we ensure site structure and coding is optimized for search engines depending upon the goals we’ve decided upon at the outset. Any customized programming features are also added at this time. The creation of your website is just the beginning. Your website should stay current and be given as much attention as your business’s physical location. As your website consultant, we are always here to answer any questions and provide guidance regarding the ongoing management and marketing of your new website. We will make ourselves available for you to determine objectives, implement strategies, recommend new website features, and review results.

Quality Control

It is important to ensure the functionality and performance of a website while retaining the integrity of its appearance. We will perform cross-browser compatibility testing, to ensure correctness of dynamic content and application functionality, test page loading times, and ensure graphics and code are compressed without sacrificing quality. We emphasize function and effectiveness to ensure the site’s interactivity provide value to the end user, while not being too complicated for either them or the website visitors to use. As we work closely with our clients, we often find opportunities to improve existing functionality of a website by providing customized interactivity. User input is a great source for these ideas, so we implore our clients to keep in touch with us on an ongoing basis with any and all ideas for improvements. This interaction with clients allows us to provide services in the forefront of the website design and programming industry.